5 Reasons You Should Sell Your Gold Jewellery to Us

Whether it is mismatched earrings, bracelets, broken chains or nugget style gold, your jewellery box can become cluttered with pieces of gold jewellery that you no longer wear. Why let these items gather dust when you could sell them to our gold buying shop for a good amount of money? You no longer have to put that shopping spree on hold, here are 5 reasons why you should sell your gold jewellery to gold dealers like Brisbane gold Buyers:

#1. The price of precious metals has increased

One of the best ways to go for that big shopping venture that you have been planning for is to sell gold in Brisbane. Many people do not realise how much money they could earn by selling their old gold jewellery. Depending on the value and worth of your jewellery, you can get a substantial amount of money. Over the past ten years, the prices of precious metals have significantly increased. As such, you will always get a good return.

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#2. Proper evaluation for your pieces 

When you sell gold to gold dealers in Brisbane, we will take you through the proper evaluation process of all your pieces. We will carefully identify the number of karats that your jewellery consists of and group it by purity. We make a point of separating the valuable pieces from those of lesser value. Evaluating your jewellery will enable you to sell it at a fair price, making sure that you get its true worth.

#3. More value for unique gold items

Unique gold jewellery items that could be sold as antics offer a higher value. We understand that they fetch higher prices than their value as scrap gold. Therefore, we will advise you accordingly and ensure you get even more for any unique pieces. The right design and craftsmanship make your pieces stand out. This is also an added advantage when you sell gold Brisbane.

#4. No hidden refinery fees 

We ensure that all our customers are knowledgeable about the refinery/recycling process. For their convenience, we don’t charge any hidden refinery fees or commissions at all costs. This makes us one of the most competitive gold buying shops. We pride ourselves in the provision of the best gold buying services in the industry. 

#5. Declutter jewellery drawers 

If you do not wear the majority of the gold pieces in your jewellery drawer, it is highly beneficial to sell and declutter your jewellery drawer. Avoid the disorganised mess and weed out those older, less attractive items. Do not allow those valuable gold gems to be of no use to you. 

We offer the best deals for your gold jewellery. While there are unlimited reasons for selling your gold jewellery to gold dealers Brisbane, you can be certain that you will dealing with the professions you can trust. We are always happy to buy. This is the best decision that you can ever make. 

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