5 Reasons Why High Top Sneakers Are The Best Type Of Sneaker

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The sneaker industry continues to prove its supremacy, raking in over 70 billion in sales. This further proves that the public’s taste in shoes is like high-top sneakers themselves. Though it’s evolving, it remains timeless and classic.

Not yet convinced? This article is for you! Read on to find out five reasons why high top sneakers are the best type of sneakers.

High Top Sneakers are Easy to Style

High top sneakers were originally made to cater to athletes, specifically basketball players. The first designs were minimalist, making them ideal for a casual look.

However, casual outfits aren’t the only fashion look that high top sneakers can rule. What makes high top sneakers the best fashion footwear is that they’re easy to style. High top sneakers have this innate classic retro vibe that adds extra glitter to a basic outfit.

Notice how influencers, celebrities, and other fashion icons mix and match their beloved high-top sneakers with any form of clothing? From cocktail dresses to tuxedos and slacks, high-top sneakers are breaking fashion norms.

High-tops and shorts also make for a bold streetwear look. Especially when the shorts are baggy or when partnered with voluminous tees.

Even chinos, meant to create a smart-casual look, can work well with high top sneakers. Pairing high tops with chinos create a cool streetwear outfit but are less “streetzy.”

Indeed, high top sneakers are the fashion industry’s chameleon. You can count on high top sneakers to boost any fashion look you’re looking to create. This look can work whether you’re going for a smart-casual or vying for formal wear.

Plenty of Variety to Choose From

In 1917, Converse produced Chuck 70 high top shoes. Unlike their predecessors, the new shoes have quiet soles earning them the nickname “sneakers.”

About 65 years later, Reebok released their version of a high-top shoe called Freestyle that became an iconic hip-hop culture in the United States. This athletic high top shoe had cushions in its upper part as with its soles. 

Since then, designers have produced different varieties of high-top shoes. As new trends emerge, different types of high-top shoes also rise in popularity. The rubber sole and ankle construction of the shoe remain while the rest changes as per a designer’s taste.

While flat-heeled versions remain popular, high-heeled versions are emerging. Many athletic high tops also have Velcro straps or buckles at the top along with laces.

Others come in zipper closure designs. Some versions have no closure at all and only have elastic at the shoe’s tongue.

Aside from the structure, the color and fabric used in the high top are on a whole other level. From solid colors and metallic to printed fabrics and collages.

Not to mention their shoe varieties with embellishments such as studs and gemstones. There’s always a specific make and design of high top sneakers for every outfit!

It Transpires Generations

Chuck Taylor, an Indiana hoops star, endorsed shoes that later became known as Chuck Taylor All-Stars in 1923. These high and low top sneakers became the best-selling basketball shoes of all time.

Sneakers further gained fame when Jessi Owens wore the Adidas sneakers in the 1936 Olympics. The track star won 4 gold medals wearing the shoes.

Such events cemented sneakers as athletic shoes. This trend went on for the first half of the 20th century. However, what started as a simple track and basketball shoe quickly became a timeless fashion statement.

In the 1950s, people started sneakers with denim jeans marking the footwear as a casual look item. Later on, fashion icons started wearing them to complete various fashion looks.

Now, one would assume that sneakers would lose their popularity. Contrary to this, high tops sneakers continue to gain popularity across different generations. More so as fashion revival is becoming a consistent thing in the 21st century’s fashion industry.

Until today, high-top sneakers continue to capture the eyes of people all over the world. No time nor industry standard had withered the flame of sneakers.

A Fashion Item that Doesn’t Compromise Comfort

One advantage of high top sneakers is that they’re very comfortable. The style and design aren’t the only things evolving in high top sneakers. Even the technology behind the shoes’ structure is improving.

All high-top sneakers, for instance, have padded lining on the top, around the ankle, and on the sides. Such keeps your foot warm and dry as it regulates moisture inside your shoe. The extra padding also guarantees that you won’t get blisters.

High top sneakers further feature a firm rubber sole that provides wearers stability. Thus, you can rest assured that your high-top sneakers can help keep you on your feet.

Moreover, today’s high-top sneakers are often made with memory foam insoles. These insoles provide you with a padded surface to walk on all day.

Best of all, high top shoes come with flat bases. This makes them safer and more comfortable because your weight is evenly distributed across the flat surface.

High Top Sneakers Help Support All Your Activities

As we’ve mentioned, high-top sneakers are primarily made of vulcanized rubber. This allows them to contract friction, making them slip-resistant. Not to mention, the tread in the soles of high-top sneakers is specifically designed to boost its grip.

Hence, you can do a range of activities wearing your high-top sneakers and not worry about slipping. Instead, you’ll get extra support thanks to the extra heel foam padding and ankle cushion. More so, almost all high-cut sneakers use antimicrobial mesh! 

Gift Yourself with a High-Top Sneakers Today

Aside from being an iconic fashion item, high top sneakers offer various benefits to their wearer. From slip-resistant soles to a comfortable and well-supported movement.

There’s no limit to what you can do with high top sneakers, literally and fashionably speaking. Don’t wait out and grab yourself a high top sneaker today!

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