5 Perfect Reasons Enid Blyton Books are a Must-Read for Gen Z

Childhoods are the best times of your life aren’t they? They are full of laughing cracks, picnics, games, sometimes as daring as Ouija, or just as simple as reading the book. Is it audacious to say that one of the childhood ghosts that baby bloomers can never stop about is Enid Blyton’s books. Those of you who are voracious readers may remember her well. Being a kid in the late ’90s meant you had roller skates, disco balls, and a summer book to read in your hand.

That woman did have her way with words. The stories she had created for the readers still remain in the memories of your childhood at some point. With the passing years, the young readers have lost the charm to become a reader once their parents were.

Unlike generation Y, kids are not avid readers these days. With the technology surrounding them at every corner, we literally cannot blame them. But if PlayStations can make a comeback then why not read Enid Blyton books?

Some of you may not be a fan of hers (she was often criticized for being elitist and racist and even sexist), but those who are, understand the worth of reading a good book for a light read and a great moral lesson at the end of each story.

So if you feel your kids must be aware of one of the popular authors of her time then listed down below are the reasons why they should go ahead with this idea.

Endorsing a stronger imagination

How do you know a story is written good enough? If a writer shows rather than tells a story it means it’s well written. As a reader, you are able to imagine the scenarios, play the characters in your mind whenever you read a good book.

Although kids do have strong imagination you can help develop creativity skills via a good book read. As a kid, you may not have been aware of this fact, but to be able to picture a vivid description in your head “is a skill”.

Life lessons

If you want your kid to learn how to keep a dog healthy you get them to read about vitamins for dogs, what foods are good or not good for them, and all about the natural supplements, they need right?

Similarly, the best thing about reading an Enid Blyton book is its simplicity. Her books are well written and yet simple to read and easy to comprehend. They are the example of moral lessons one learns from the vast expanse of The Adventure Series.

As a writer, she sure did know how to involve a kid to learn life lessons that will come in handy even years after. One of her books – The Naughtiest Girl series portrays Elizabeth as a mischievous girl but at the same time, she also revolves around the character in regard to having values that stop her from going downhill.

Courage is key

One positive notion that every character in her books portrayed was that they had the courage. Famous Five is a prime example of courage and bravery in a group of teenagers who are discovering their sense of adventure.

Some kids may find horror stories too fearful to read and may even develop phobias too. Reading adventure books on the other hand teaches the kids to be braver in unprecedented times. Even the dog portrayed in the Famous Five is a great example of how a tight-knitted group can have more courage in unfavorable times even with their paw pal!


If your kid has a strong imagination, then reading Enid Blyton’s book will be a bonus for them. They will be able to imagine or even smell the tasty food described in the books! I know, this may not be the “right motivation to read a book” but kids usually look forward to a read that makes them happy.

The books even described a sandwich, ginger cake, ginger beer, cookies, and other plateful items in a decorative manner that a reader will enjoy immensely.

Easy and fun read

The idea of book reading is that it needs to be simple and must be an easy read. sure enough, Enid Blyton’s books are a simple read for a lot of reasons. Her choice of words made reading easier for kids of all ages.

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The characters, kids, in her books are often shown as courageous, brave, and innocent. You may argue with this idea now, but remember, these books were written a long while ago. The writer wrote about what she experienced at that time. Perhaps it is important for kids to learn something great from a fun read.

So far what do you think? You have all the right reasons to handover your kid a book this summer and let them skim through the pages. Cater to the positive attributes of the books and your kid will learn a great lesson!

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