5 Most Important Security Accreditations For SaaS Providers

SaaS providers have to take specific steps to ensure they gain credibility. Customers need to be assured of their security to trust a SaaS provider. There are many accreditations that a SaaS provider can aim for. But it helps first to review them and decide which one to start with.

This article will help you decide what security accreditations matter most. That will make it easy to focus on the most critical accreditations. You will grow your SaaS business and grow your business in the end. You can read to the end to ensure you focus on the correct accreditations.

5 Most Important Security Accreditations For SaaS Providers

The vital security accreditations SaaS providers should prioritize include:

ISO 27001

This is one of the most critical security accreditations that you should consider. The ISO 27001 certification ensures the security of business and customer information. It always helps to keep this information away from third parties. Otherwise, your business might get exposed to attackers.

The ISO 27001 certification is internationally recognized. And it isn’t only crucial to specific industries or businesses. Any firm should aim at building credibility with this certification. You need to invest in an Information Security Management System (ISMS) to achieve it.

You always need to review the systems you put in place to ensure security. For instance, your business will grow with time and expand to other markets. It’ll be good to ensure these systems also evolve with your business. This will make it easier to achieve your business objectives.


Another security accreditation that SaaS providers should prioritize is the SOC 2. You need to show customers that your security framework is worth their trust. The SOC 2 accreditation will make this almost effortless. Clients will consider you credible if you provide SOC 2 certification.

There are five fundamental trust principles that you’ll need to fulfill before getting certified. They include processing integrity, security, privacy, availability, and confidentiality. All these trust principles will get shown in your SOC 2 report. Thus, your potential customers will have confidence in you.

You can decide how many principles you want to meet on your journey towards accreditation. It will be good to start with one principle and progress to others. Your SOC 2 report can be indicated as type 1 or type 2 evaluations at some point in time.

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SaaS businesses use applications and other software. It is always vital to ensure the application you use is secure. This will ensure customers trust your security controls and are ready to work with you. It’ll help leverage the OWASP Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS).

This standard will help you strengthen your application security. It will make testing more accessible and, in the end, help you identify areas that require improvement. You can also use it to review your security systems regularly. This will ensure you have security controls that you can always rely on.

You’ll also get a report that will show clients your conformance. This report will show that you have met the OWASP ASVS Level 1, 2, or 3 conformance requirements. You’ll also be able to automate your systems and reduce the amount of manual work you have to do.


You can also build customer confidence by complying with the CSA STAR requirements. This attestation was first launched in 2013, and many people and businesses already trust it. Many people refer to CSA STAR as the future of cloud trust and assurance, making them embrace it.

There are three fundamental principles that you should keep in mind when looking for this accreditation. It would be best to think about self-assessment, harmonization of standards, and rigorous auditing. You can use these principles to build trust with your audience and become a trusted SaaS business.

But you will also need to have other accreditations besides the CSA STAR. This is because this accreditation is relatively new, and not everyone might recognize it. You can use it to augment other accreditations like the ISO 27001. This will help you build your profile and be more trustworthy.

ISO 22301

5 Most Important Security Accreditations For SaaS Providers

SaaS businesses experience a wide range of challenges. One of them is downtime, and the other is loss of service. These issues can affect the overall running of a business. They can also affect productivity and make it difficult to achieve business goals and reach revenue targets.

However, one of the most significant challenges this might bring is making an organization vulnerable to attacks. Also, it can affect customer trust and eventually lead to reduced profits. Therefore, you should ensure you check out the principles of ISO 22301 and fulfill them to avoid these issues.

This accreditation can help take your business’s security to the next level. It’s built on a wide range of principles. For instance, it emphasizes proper planning before implementation. It also monitors and reviews security systems seriously to ensure continued protection.

You can ensure your infrastructure remains safe if you implement these principles. The ISO 22301 is also widely recognized, and you can use it to build client trust. It will ensure you close deals and build a loyal customer base. This will make it easier to grow and scale your firm.

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Well, those are the most critical security accreditations to implement. As a SaaS provider, you should identify vital accreditations, but you can also go beyond to implement more. The accreditations discussed above are critical and are considered the ‘gold standard.’

You Can Start Implementing These Accreditations in Your Business Today

Now you know the most crucial security accreditations to focus on. As a SaaS provider, it can be daunting to decide what matters most. This article has provided the top five most critical security accreditations. When getting started, you can keep these five at the top of your list.

Your SaaS business will enjoy a lot of benefits from having these accreditations. Some clients will first need to see your certifications before working with you. This will ensure that you achieve your business objectives and scale them to another level.

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