5 Major Features Of The Google Cloud Platform Marketplace You Should Know

GCP or Google Cloud Platform marketplace has become a really popular platform with cloud computing. You may have seen your competitor companies using it and prospering with more accuracy. For knowing how to sell on Google Cloud Platform Marketplace, read more from this source

 But the question is will it work for you the same way? Are you totally aware of the major features that it has to offer you? These are the things that should be known to you before you are making the decision of using it and investing your money in it. 

5 Major Features Of The Google Cloud Platform Marketplace

Here, I will discuss the major features that GCP or Google Cloud Platform marketplace offers. This will help you to get an idea about this platform, and you will also be able to make a firm decision on its usage. 

Connection And Extended Services

With cloud functions, you will be able to use Google along with other third-party cloud services as your building blocks. With code, you can connect and also extend them.

In addition to this, with complex workflows, and end-to-end solutions, you will rapidly move from concept to production. For quickly extending your application with effective capabilities, you can integrate with third-party services, which offer webhook integrations.  

End-to-end Development And Diagnosability

With integrated monitoring, the Google Cloud Platform marketplace allows you to go from code to deploy. With the features named Cloud Debugger, and Cloud Trace, one will get the full observability along with total diagnosability for your application. 

In addition to this, by using an open-source functions framework, one can get support for disconnected and local debugging or development. 

In Response To Events, Runs Code

When you are opting for cloud functions, there are certain things that you need to know. And one of them is, these functions let you trigger your code from Google Cloud, Google Assistant, Firebase.

There is another alternative option for you as well. With the help of these features, you can call it directly from Mobile, backend applications, or any web. Isn’t it a great feature that we can expect from a cloud platform? 

Pay Only For What You Use.

With every service or product, there comes a payment-related concern. Here, you are only billed for the execution time of your function. And that execution time is also metered to the 100 milliseconds that is the nearest. 

When your function is idle, there is no need to pay a single penny. As you may know, there is a benefit of utilizing cloud functions. And that it can automatically spin up and also backs down in response to events. 

With open Technology, Avoid Lock-in

It offers an amazing opportunity to run functions across more than one environment and also prevent lock-in. And you will be able to do all these just by using open-source functions as a service or Faas framework. 

If you are thinking about the list of supported environments, here is the list for you. 

  • Local development environment.
  • Cloud functions.
  • On promises.
  • Cloud Run for Anthos.
  • Cloud Run.
  • Other serverless environments, which are Knative-based. 


I have mentioned all the major 5 features of the GCP or Google Cloud Platform marketplace. But here is another feature for you, which is also an important factor here. 

Scales Automatically

It offers from zero to planet-scale, and that is too without thinking of any infrastructure. With simply no workload, cloud functions are capable of automatically managing along with scaling the underlying infrastructure. 

By deploying your codes, it allows Google to run and scale for you. All the underlying infrastructures are abstracted away by Cloud Functions. As a result of this, you can totally focus on your codes and build applications faster. 


So, these are the major features that you should know about GCP or Google Cloud Platform marketplace. Now tally your requirements with the features that it is offering. On the basis of the analysis, you can decide whether it will benefit you and cover all your needs or not. 

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