A decade ago, gambling within the comfort of our homes was just a dream. Today, thanks to technological inventions, you can play your favorite slots or gamble on sports from your smart devices. 

Technology has entirely revolutionized every industry, including the gambling industry. According to Straits Research, the online gambling market was the fastest-growing in Asia-Pacific regions. Another study revealed that this market will be worth $114 billion by 2028. 

Now, online casinos in Australia have been integrating technological trends as quickly as possible to make the user experience better and smoother than before. Here are the top 5 technological trends in the online gambling industry you should know about:

  1. Mobile Gaming Increasing in Popularity

Mobile gaming offers convenience that land-based casinos don’t. Mobile gaming has risen in popularity as people find commuting to physical casinos a waste of money. This doesn’t mean that land-based casinos will go obsolete. 

Instead, online mobile gambling has simply made the user experience far better and more enjoyable. Depositing funds, becoming a casino member, and playing your favorite games have become the easiest, allowing players to play from wherever they want. 

  1. VR-based Gaming

To make casino games more immersive, online gambling casinos are striving to provide more games based on VR technology. Virtual Reality is advancing at a rapid pace. Take Metaverse as an example. 

With its rise in commercial popularity, online casinos will make VR-based games more accessible to players worldwide. A few online casinos have already rolled out games designed for Oculus devices, making the online gambling space more immersive and interactive. 

  1. Safer Environment for Secure Gaming

The rise in consumer awareness for responsible gambling has made it easier for players to spot illegal online casinos involved in fraudulent activities. Ergo, top-tier casinos have introduced better measures to avoid losing customers and provide a safer gaming environment. 

The key elements to providing this security include:

  • Compliance with rules and regulations set by states. 
  • Reducing the time to withdraw winnings from accounts by introducing faster withdrawal methods. 
  • KYC processes to avoid fraudulent identities. 
  • Introducing two-factor verification and advanced login methods (fingerprint, etc.).
  1. Cryptocurrency Payment Method

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have been ruling the internet for the past decade. Players are looking for faster and more secure payment methods to withdraw and deposit money into their online casino accounts.

Consumer response has made cryptocurrencies a growing trend, and many online casinos now offer this safe, cashless payment method. Plus, the risk of getting hacker or identity theft is highly reduced with cryptocurrencies. 

  1. Live Dealer Games

Many online casinos provide a separate section of live dealer games to provide that previously missing thrill to players. With the help of 5G and VR technologies, these games will allow players to interact with one another and have a replica of the experience they would have in a land-based casino. 

Instead of relying on RNGs (random number generators), the casinos rely on live dealers, HD-quality cameras, and microphone systems to add unparalleled realness to online casino gaming.


These are only a few of the innovations that have the potential to scale the online gambling industry forward. As technology advances further, its use will be quickly integrated into top-tier online casinos to provide an impeccable gaming experience to players every time.