5 Important Things to Consider For Your Holiday Card Design

Do you ever wish you could capture every blissful moment? Holidays and vacations are full of memorable moments that we want to keep for ages to come. Descriptively documenting your holidays is easy using Mixbook’s holiday card templates. Holiday cards double up as mementoes and invitational notices to family and friends you want in your next voyage. It is the festive season once again, and we want you to have the best holiday cards. The following checkpoints will steer you in designing your card with Mixbook.

1. Theme

The theme, like all photographic material, is the backdrop for your card or invitation. Theme sets the mood and feelings your card will evoke. Themes vary from rustic, bohemian, white portfolio to everything college. A holiday card, however, should be family-themed. Compile pictures of past holidays or recent celebratory events and infuse them with blending colors from the color pallet. However, if the hues overcomplicate decisions, you can use the ready templates and fix your family pictures. An emerging trend is Santa themed cards but with parents as Santa and your kids as the elves. It is an interesting theme you can have fun tweaking to your liking.

2. Material

Different paper materials determine the card’s finish. Many clients’ opt for a super matte finish. Others spruce up their cards with embossments of family initials or a family insignia. Both options are available for you at Mixbook. Linen, clear vellum and semi-gloss paper are some eco-friendly papers you can choose from. Mixbook tries to offset carbon imprints in sourcing card materials while imparting high-quality cards. The real foil option is an alternative you can never go wrong with for all card types. Quality card material has no blotting and has a fine feel on the hands.

3. Orientation

The layout is crucial to the information your holiday invitation card will convey. If you have a lot of pictures you want to include in your card, consider a landscape orientation. Landscape orientations fit full family images better. If you want a cascading or side by side effect, then consider portrait orientation. A major merit of portrait orientation is that you can align text to specific images. Generally, orientation depends on the number of pictures and stickers you have.

4. Text style

A holiday photo card highlights memorable moments, but it should also convey how important the invitee is to the holiday events. Holidays are fun, and so should be the text style. Monochromatic text styles portray a semi-formal holiday. If you organize an all-out fun holiday event, you can write the invitations yourself to add a personal feel.

5. Size

Most individuals prefer sizable cards. 5 by 7 cards are the most common holiday cards. A sizable card allows you to mail it easily and keep it at your desk as a décor item. If you want a larger card, you can consider a 4 by 8 card. Ideally, the more sizable, the better.


The pandemic has brought unprecedented changes. Reinvigorate the lost holiday cheer with custom photo holiday cards. Explore the limitless options at Mixbook and deliver happiness to your doorstep.

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