If you have recently invested in your very first home, it’s vital to ensure you have all the relevant loose ends tied up in terms of financial protection. With this, you’ll need a few important things to protect your biggest asset effectively. 

Beyond sealing the deal by signing the property lease and sorting out your mortgage loan, you’ll also need these five fundamental things all homeowners need to have.

A Home Warranty Plan

This kind of warranty plan is a type of service plan that covers all the major systems in your home. The coverage a home warranty provides will ensure your pocket is protected from unexpected repairs, appliance services, roof and pool repair, and other costly situations. 

When it comes to purchasing a warranty, be sure to compare deals and evaluate coverage details. Evaluate repair through First American and other leading warranty providers to determine which service contract suits your needs as a homeowner. 

Homeowners Insurance

More often than not, your mortgage loan provider will insist that you need home insurance. This type of insurance is crucial for all homeowners as it provides financial peace of mind in the event of home intrusions, fires, and other unpredictable events that can cost a fortune. 

Be advised that home insurance is different from a home warranty, so it’s best to have both types of coverage for maximum peace of mind as a homeowner. 

Flood Protection Insurance

A home warranty plan and home insurance often don’t provide cover for flooding, even though this type of instance can cause substantial property damage. 

Instead of assuming your home won’t experience a flood, purchase this add-on insurance policy to protect your pocket from the high repair costs that follow property flooding. 

A Home Security System

Home security is crucial to reduce your risk of a home intrusion and to keep your family and household contents safe. Moreover, your insurance company will likely reduce your premiums if your home is monitored by a security system, and you’ll find claiming a more straightforward process if you have video footage of an intrusion.

It’s also typically best to opt for a custom home security system. Additionally, choose a reliable security company to monitor your property. 

A Property Maintenance Checklist

Lastly, you must also have a home maintenance checklist that includes all relevant tasks for the year. There are certain tasks that are essential to prepare your home for winter, like insulating pipes, clearing gutters and downspouts, and others. At the same time, other tasks will become necessary during the summer. 

Look for home maintenance services to help you stay on top of these chores all year round. 

Owning a property is a major responsibility, and if you don’t opt for insurance and protective warranty plans, you could find yourself in a financial pickle at one point or another, which could risk the loss of your biggest asset. Moreover, home maintenance is a priority that will keep your investment in top condition and preserve its value over the years. 


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