Love being around plants and flowers all the time? Then I have a few places that are just right for your visit. We all love plants and so understand their importance for us and for the earth. They complete the food cycle as well as complete our ecosystem. Without them, the world would not be able to function properly. That is why we all love plants. But you know some love them way more than the others. They find plants as their happy place. If you too fall into this category, then your idea of vacation can be very different from the rest of the world. You can pick selective locations that are known for their mesmerising natural beauty. Some places are so beautifully enriched with pretty plants that can make anyone go ‘wow’, just imagine its impact on a plant lover. In general, the term ‘vacation’ evokes a vision of tropical land, high unimaginable prices and man-made wonders, right? But those who prefer to buy plants online instead of fancy furniture for their place, you may be surprised to know that there are several destinations that come straight from mother nature. These exotic locations can help you have the best vacay of your life because these places are stuffed with unusual plants or mesmerizing planting combinations that allure the eyes of the onlooker. Carefully designed by our own mother nature, the places are a wonder in themselves. Let’s take a look at the best of nature. 

Bridge of Flowers, Massachusetts

As the name goes, the place is called the bridge of flowers because it is a bridge that is covered with pretty flowers and foliage. It is actually a very old bridge that was nearly abandoned, which was later turned into a garden in 1929 by the women’s club. The garden is nestled in the town of Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts and despite being this old, it is maintained by the locals. You won’t feel that it is an old place because of the well-maintained condition of the place. What is so special about this bridge garden? There are actually over 500 species of flowers that are featured on this bridge. That is a lot of bloom species that you can’t even count in a single day. These flowers are in bloom in the months of April to October, so that’s the perfect time to visit this place. 

Arizona Sonora Desert Museum

Are you a museum person? Then this place is just for you. It is a place that is spread in the area of 98 acres and is a wonderful place for a plant lover because it is a combined botanic garden, museum and zoo. You get all three things to see at one spot. Arizona Sonora Desert Museum actually celebrates the unusual habitat of the Sonoran desert.

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Talking about what you can expect here, the place features two miles of walking paths along with the native plant species that are over 1200 in the count. Yes, you get to witness so many different species of plants here that are not very common for example, a blooming pear cactus. The place is a well-known destination that a plant lover will surely enjoy. 

Lalbagh in Bangalore, India

Then move to India because here you will find some decent gardens as well. If you want to visit a place on your local land, then fly to Lalbagh in Bangalore. The garden has a glasshouse, where yearly bloom shows will be facilitated during Republic Day and Independence Day, a wonderful lake and a large number of excellent blossoms consistently of the year, making it an incredible place for nature lovers.

Allan Garden Conservatory in Toronto, Canada

Another very big yet pretty greenhouse on the list that you can fly to. If you are ever planning to visit Canada, then my suggestion is to definitely pay a visit to Allan Garden Conservatory. This place is filled with tropical plants and gives you a vibe like you are enjoying on the tropical land. The plant list goes as palms, cacti and many other tropical plants can be expected here. The best thing about this place is that it is open all year round, so, you can make your plans at any time of the year without having to schedule it with its open dates. When you have visited everything else in Toronto, then make sure to pay a visit to this plant paradise as well at least once in your life. I’m sure it will make you order indoor plants online for your space as well. 

Cherry Blossom Garden in Washington D.C.

Ah! One of my favorite places because this place is filled with amazing cherry blossom trees. The place actually got its existence when the Mayor of Tokyo gifted 3000 cherry trees to the United States, and these plants still have their descendants standing up. It is a destination that thousands of people still find pleasing to the eyes as well as the heart. So, flying a thousand miles for this place is totally worth it.

These are the destinations that you should visit at least once in your life if you are a claimed plant lover. 









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