5 Baby Skincare Tips for Parenting

5 Baby Skincare Tips for Parenting

Have you ever heard of the phrase: as smooth as a newborn baby’s skin? People usually like when others associate their skin with babies. This is because babies are known to have white and smooth skin. 

Parents take care of their baby’s skin with a lot of precision and care, as their baby’s skin is precious. People might think that maintaining your baby’s skin is easy and just involves using products like baby lotion. In reality, it is not. Parents consider a lot when caring for their baby’s skin. 

If you are a first-time parent or not but interested in tips that could help you maintain and take care of your baby’s smooth skin, then this article could help you. Tips will be given on caring for your baby’s skin. 

Take Note of How Often You Bathe Your Baby

It is important not to dry your baby’s skin when you try to bathe them. Dermatologists say that the frequency of bathing may vary from parent to parent, but you should take care in bathing them because a baby’s skin is delicate. 

What are things essential for a baby’s bath? You will first need the right tub size for your baby. A lot of tubs are available in online baby shops. Baby products like bathtubs and towels can easily be bought online. 

When bathing your baby, it is important that you also bathe them in the right water temperature. A baby bath thermometer may be useful in keeping the right water temperature so you don’t burn your baby’s skin and you don’t get hurt as well. 

A baby’s bath time should not be longer than 10 minutes. Make sure to make all the things you need is within your reach to finish your baby’s bath time as soon as possible. Finish your baby’s bath time by wrapping him in a towel, preferably one with a hoodie. 

Watch Your Baby’s Nail Growth From Time to Time

Babies’ nails tend to grow fast. In that sense, you should keep an eye on the length of your baby’s nails. This is because even though their nails are still soft, they can still scratch themselves when long. This could result in their skin having scars, and not only is their body prone to scratches, their face too. 

While mittens could help to a certain degree, you should consider trimming your baby’s nails if they ever get long. You can trim and file your baby’s nails every week since their nails grow relatively fast.

You should get a complete grooming kit that includes baby accessories such as nail trimmers and a file for your baby so that you can cut their nails anytime. 

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Additionally, it is best if you cut and file your baby’s nails while asleep because this is when they are in a still position and relaxed. 

Look Out for Diaper Rash

It is no surprise that baby’s change their diaper from time to time. How is diaper rash formed? Diaper rash can form when the baby has been exposed to dirty diapers for a long period. 

In order to prevent this kind of occurrence, parents should practice frequent changing of diapers of their babies. In addition to that, parents should also gently clean the diaper areas of their babies. 

Aside from frequent changing of diapers, parents could also opt to use cloth diapers. This is because cloth diapers allow your baby’s diaper area to breathe. This, as a result, prevents rash and skin irritation. 

Keep Your Baby’s Clothes and Beddings Clean at All Times

To prevent skin irritation, keep your baby’s belongings sanitized and clean. For your baby’s clothes, it would be best to wash the clothes you bought from a baby’s store before making your baby wear them. 

There could be an accumulation of hair and dust on their beddings or blankets, so it would be best to wash them every two weeks.

Keep in mind that when washing blankets and bedding, you need to intensity of your washing machine for the blankets and bedding not to break apart from the washing process. 

Protection From the Sun

No matter the age, UV sun rays are harmful to your skin if you do not use the proper protection while under the sun. If adults require protection from the sun, such as sunscreens, then babies require more protection as theirs is more delicate and fragile than an adult’s. 

If the babies and their parents cannot avoid exposure to the sun, the babies should be well protected. Parents could protect their babies by offering shade and protective clothing. Using sunscreens for infants is not advised as there has yet to be a study conducted about this. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How often should I bathe my baby?

The frequency of the baths you do to your baby daily is up to you, but it should not dry their skin. To not dry out their skin, you should bathe them for not longer than 10 minutes and make sure that the temperature is just right. 

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When Should I Cut My Baby’s Nails?

You should cut their nails weekly as a baby’s nails grow fast. Cut their nails so that they won’t be able to scratch their head and body. A little advice would be cutting and filing your baby’s nails when they are asleep, so they are relaxed. 

How Do I Treat Diaper Rash?

You can treat diaper rash by changing your baby’s diaper frequently and gently cleaning their diaper area. You could also consider using cloth diapers to allow your baby’s diaper area to breathe. 

Do I need to wash their clothes and bedding often?

You want to wash your baby’s clothes before letting them wear them to avoid skin irritation. For bedding and blankets, you could wash them in the low settings of your washing machine every two weeks. 

Can My Infant Wear Sunscreen?

Your infant shouldn’t wear sunscreen as there are no studies about it yet. You could opt for protection, such as giving your infant shade and protective clothing. You could let them wear sunscreen when they are older.