4 Ways To Feel More Connected With Others

Feeling connected with others helps you feel more connected to all of life. Whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert, it’s important that you develop and maintain skills that help you feel comfortable around others and also help them feel comfortable around you. While downtime is valuable, too much isolation is draining. Wondering where to focus? Read on for a few simple ideas. 

1. Smile

At the right time, a sincere smile can work wonders to encourage a feeling of connection. It’s a universal language, though customs vary depending on the culture you’re in. Since so many people work from home these days, it’s common to spend long periods of time with a neutral or serious expression. Even a slight smile will lift your mood and the mood of others when you go out and interact in public. Self-conscious about your smile? Try doing a search using terms such as teeth bonding Park Slope

2. Body Language

Be aware of your posture and body language. Develop a strong core (through exercise) that will enable you to stand and sit with an open, well-aligned posture and relaxed shoulders. Practice body language principles that help you express yourself with warmth and integrity. Consider taking up some form of dance or movement that helps you be more agile and flexible. If you go to a class, you’ll expand your social circle!

3. Conversation

Don’t just act interested in others; be interested in others. You can be both assertive and listen more than you speak. Self-disclose in a way that’s appropriate for the relationship and situation. Notice the specific things the other person says, and make note of them. Identify what’s important to your conversational partner, and bring those topics up when you meet the next time. Then, you’ll have made a genuine connection that’ll be beneficial to both of you. Who knows? That person may turn out to be a friend, too. 

4. Service

Carve out intentional time in your life to be of service. It’s one of the most enlivening things you can do for others (and yourself). You may want to volunteer in your community or run errands for someone you know. Whatever you choose, you’ll get out of your own discursive thought patterns and enter the world of others. Volunteerism is associated with several powerful health benefits. 

To feel closer to other people, awareness and action are essential. Try these suggestions to boost your feeling of connection. 

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