4 Things To Know About Holster Belts

Anyone carrying their gun on the waistline knows and must know that the dedicated belt is very important. The regular belt, whether it is nylon, leather, or other material, just doesn’t have that much rigidity required to safely and comfortably hold their gun weight, holster, or supporting equipment. The gun belts are built for doing that.

When investing in the tactical gun belt, you will be overwhelmed with a wide range of options that are available to you. The fact is, the gun belts differ significantly in the construction and intended purpose, thus selecting the best tactical gun belt is a little more complex. Let us check out a few things when buying holster belts:

  • Selecting the Best Gun Belt

If you are wondering you may get away with the “heavy-duty” belt, then think once again. The work belts are not meant to carry the gun. The belts for carrying the gun have to get reinforced with steel or another type of polymer. Whereas the work belt might be thick and lack internal support, which keeps this belt straight. When you are choosing the concealed carry, the belt thickness will be something that you need to consider but it does not need to be the only consideration that you can make. The belts made for the concealed carry will have polymer liners, which allow your belts to look like normal belts that will be simple to work in the wardrobe.

When you start the journey of finding the best belt you will find some options and they are leather & nylon. You will find people checking out both, and claiming one to be better than the other. In end, the craftsmanship of a belt will make a huge difference from a belt made from nylon or leather. Also, you will need to know what your wardrobe may allow for and if your work has some requirements for the dress. For somebody who needs to wear business attire, the nylon belt will be a non-starter. Suppose you are working on the construction site then the leather belt will get scratched or worn easily than the nylon belt.

  • Reinforced material

No matter whether it is made from synthetic nylon or natural leather, the gun belts have thicker materials compared to the dress belt. This gun belt might also have the insert made from polymer, metal, or plastic, and creating a two-ply gun belt that offers more rigidity. The majority of the time, the tactical gun belt may have a double-stitched construction that makes sure it won’t fray when under any stress of supporting your gun weight. With such kind of reinforcement, your gun belt won’t twist and stretch and leaving you with an uncomfortable fit.

  • Support

The gun belt can support an extra weight of the holster and one weapon that will be 3 to 7 pounds. The dress belt will sag in case you hang such a type of weight on a belt.

  • Concealed Carry Belt Must Be Presentable and Comfortable

A concealed carry belt will want you to pay attention to the wardrobe. Yes, style is a bit silly, but some have got office jobs or have certain dress codes. This will dictate leather be the first choice for your carrier who should adhere to the business casual and professional dress – and some fine leather belts are accessible and black goes with everything. Suppose ordering on the internet, one may consider finding the gun belt maker that provides the trial period or phone customer support before making an order or inquire about its returns policy. The belt needs to be comfortable to wear every day. If it is not and there is not any way you must return or get a refund.

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