4 Things to Keep in Mind When Writing an Essay

If you dread writing an essay, then you are not alone. Countless people like you shirk from writing an essay as they are not very confident about their writing skills or have the patience to learn the skill. The truth is that not everybody is good at writing an essay, but as part of the curriculum and learning, one needs to write an essay to complete their obligatory assignments.

 There are very few students or people who are good at writing an essay and find the process easy. For others, they can rely on informative writing for essays and practice, which will help them improve their writing skills. Gradually, the essay writing experience will become less experienced and more productive.

 Writing an essay should no longer be a dreaded task. Whether the essay is for your class or the admission process, there are some key aspects that one needs to keep in mind when writing an essay.

Given below are the main o points to keep in mind so as to draft a successful essay.

The first rough draft–  Have fun when you write the first draft and just let go of yourself. Just brainstorm the topic and get creative. You could perhaps research for the most interesting facts about the topic and try to use synonyms to make the writing interesting. Do not focus on the end result but focus on how you can make the research process fun and interesting. That will help you keep motivated on the topic, and you will feel enthusiastic about digging for some more information. Whether the topic is dull or uninteresting, the first step is to be creative and make it interesting. Argue about your choices and research and analyze them before taking the next step.

 Make an outline – Now that you have some ideas and materials related to the topic, you should have a fairly good understanding of how and what you would want to write about in the essay. Some points would be more interesting and useful than others. So, make notes and develop an outline of your essay. Write some original sentences to cover the main points under a heading. Start with the instruction and segregate the body of the easy under different headings, followed by the conclusion.

Not “What And  “Why,” but “ How”- What makes a good essay better than the rest is that instead of focusing on answers to questions related to what and why it focuses on the process of how. So, try focusing on the question, “How,” to expand on the topic and make it more useful and interesting for the reader. Don’t be afraid to explore and give yourself complete freedom to express your thoughts and ideas. Instead of making a straightforward argument, let your analysis or arguments fill up the essay to make it more meaningful.

Advanced vocabulary but simple sentences – Do not be afraid to use advanced vocabulary if you have one but keep the format simple to follow with easy-to-read sentences. Always use appropriate vocabulary, not just to show your language expertise, but also, your capability to write. Complicated sentences do not go well with the other readers and rather show your inability to convey information. Moreover, there is always a risk of making errors and mistakes with complicated long sentences. Always use transitions between the paragraphs to show the flow and make it smooth and coherent.

Wiring an essay need not be a tedious task. If you keep the above aspects in mind, you will find the whole experience a rewarding one and will look forward to writing an essay.

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