4 Careers in Healthcare You Can Learn Online

The healthcare industry provides a wide array of career opportunities. It’s one of the fastest growing sectors with a high growth potential. It’s no surprise that people looking to start out on a new career path often look into the healthcare industry. However, getting into a typical health professional role isn’t the easiest thing to do.

Enrolling in a physical school and going through the rigor of studying may become a discouragement for those who plan to break into the profession. However, you can now access some major healthcare careers through online learning.

Asides from it being less expensive, you also enjoy the flexibility that comes with it – you can learn at your own pace and at the time you choose. Here are a few careers in healthcare you can pursue through online learning.

1. Health Information Technology (HIT)

Health Information Technology is usually referred to as the backbone of healthcare. This is because it has an impact on all aspects of patients’ experience. Fromworking with data and digital technologies to finding ways to help healthcare organizations code, digitize, and monitor the e-records of patients.

Those involved in this field usually possess technical skills and soft skills like communication, leadership, detail-orientation, and an analytical mindset.

You can earn your associate degree in this field in 18 months. With this degree, you have a wide array of career options available to you. From being a medical records technician, a medical office assistant, and a health information management technician, to a patient services coordinator, a customer service representative and medical biller, this degree opens you up to a feasible and exciting career in healthcare.

2. Pharmacy Technician/Assistant

One career path that may be overlooked is the Pharmacy Technician/Assistant role. Particularly in a retail setting, this role gives you the opportunity to work directly with lead pharmacists in order to organize inventory and assemble merchandise.

However, to do this, you’ll need a good level of knowledge about common ailments, general treatments, and the broad-spectrum operations within the pharmacy retail setting. Another great thing about this career path is that it’s one of those careers in healthcare that you can complete online training in about 18 months.

You can earn an Associate Degree that’ll make you eligible to entry-level roles in work environments like pharmacies, hospitals, general merchandise stores and other professional work spaces in the field.

This degree opens you up to a career path in the healthcare profession, and you don’t need to go through long years of training.

3. Medical Billing and Coding Experts

This category of healthcare experts are fundamental to any medical team, mostly because they handle patients’ records and ensure that all processes are followed through with as minimal error as possible.

As a medical billing and coding expert, you’ll handle various insurance claims and ensure that correct information is sent to all correspondents – patients, doctors and insurance companies alike. You’ll also ensure that all patient records are coded and digitized appropriately.

A typical medical biller and coder is a great communicator, detail-oriented, and technically competent with knowledge of software programs. Even if you don’t already have this, enrolling in an 18-month associate degree program will help prepare you for an entry-level position.

With this degree, you can pursue a variety of potential medical billing and coding roles including medical billing and coding specialist, medical insurance representative, medical records clerk, medical records coordinator or insurance specialist.

4. Healthcare Administrator and Manager

Healthcare has a variety of fields, and even if you aren’t interested in working with needles, or directly patients, you can be actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the health organization you work with. Healthcare administration and management involves handling the staffing, scheduling, patient relations and budgeting on one end, and the leadership and business of it on the other end.

Once you’re in this field, you’ll be involved with the planning and direction of general healthcare services and will work closely with various medical staff.

As a healthcare administrator, you’ll be expected to be exceptional at multitasking, solving problems, critical thinking and communication. A typical online associate degree in healthcare administration and management will take approximately 18 months to complete and get you ready for an entry-level role.

With this degree, you can navigate roles that include administrative support specialist, healthcare administrator, medical secretary, patient service representative, administrative coordinator, operations assistant, and healthcare department manager.


There’s a long list of healthcare careers that you can jumpstart by enrolling in an online degree program. While the above listed options are excellent choices, you should perform your own research to get a better feel for which healthcare career path is the best one for you.

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