30 Tips to Improve Your English Speaking Skills

The English language plays an essential role in our lives but mastering English grammar has never been easy because it is complex and tricky. Online tutoring platforms like AmazingTalker are a great solution to enhance your English skills, find qualified online English tutors that will guide you step by step, you can even find English classes near me

Here are 30 tips that will help you overcome any English learning obstacle.

1. Set aside time each day

    You have to spend time every week studying English, even if it is only a few minutes a day. 

2. Improve 4 English words every morning

Learning four new English words a day means a total of 28 new words a week. Every morning think of four words in your language that you don’t know in English and write them down in a notebook. 

3. Are you a morning or evening person?

Decide when you are best placed to improve English easily and choose the time that works best for you.

4. Find your best way of improving

To improve English quickly and easily, think about how much it helped you to improve your own language and try to remember which method was easiest for you. You can even try adult speech therapy to improve your communication and English-speaking skills.

5. Find guidelines to follow and improve English

When you are improving your English vocabulary, associate the word with a picture in your head. 

6. Listen to what others in the class say.

A French person speaking English may sound different from a Chinese person. English is the language of the world, so it’s important to understand the variations. 

7. Review the learning you acquire every day.

At the end of the day, don’t forget to review the slides and vocabulary or re-read the notes for corrections. 

8. Watch movies or series and listen to music in English

Find as many opportunities as possible to listen to the language you are improving.

9. Use English Teaching and Practice Apps

Mobile technology provides us with the opportunity to overcome this time deficit by turning “idle time” into “useful time”. With cellular phones and tablets, you can now do something useful while commuting.

10. Try to think in English

The best English improving tip is to think in English. 

11. Set weekly and monthly goals.

When you have set your goals, do everything you can to achieve them.

12. Start by keeping a detailed diary of your daily activities.

Write down how much time you spend each day on each of them. 

13. Be organized.

Have your favorite English websites bookmarked to find them quickly, and a grammar or vocabulary book in your bag.

14. Avoid procrastination!

We all sometimes put things off until tomorrow when we know we should be doing them today, but avoid this.

15. Find an online speaking partner.

Making time for speaking English with a partner is the very best use of your time.

16. Use your time on social media to improve your English.

Do you spend a lot of time on social media? There are interesting resources on these platforms that can help you learn.

17. Become an expert at doing two things at once!

Try to practice English every time. For example: when you’re at a gym.

18. Speak, speak, and speak!

Be confident and speak as often as possible to as many people as you possibly can!

19. Use technology

Make the most of all your favorite productivity apps to organize your practice time and make a note of all the new words you learn. 

20. Read out loud

Through reading out loud it will help you to exercise your skills. This is a great way to practice pronunciation and help you to discover new vocabulary.

21. Do interesting activities in English

Using English to talk about things you enjoy will make practicing a positive experience.

22. Have a debate

Giving and hearing opinions using English will help you to grow your vocabulary.

23. Use a dictionary

Online dictionaries often have audio examples so you can check your pronunciation. Have a go at saying the words first then check afterward to see if you were right.

24. Have conversations in English

As helpful as listening and reading tasks may be, you also need to use English interactively and practice your own speaking skills. 

25. Practice, practice, practice 

You still have to practice, no matter how much time you have left before your big day. Focus on conversational English which is likely to be relevant in everyday use.

26. Curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat

In order to improve rapidly, you should ask a lot of questions and resolve them. 

27. Don’t forget to have fun while you learn

Find ways to add entertainment to your studies.

28. Start a vocabulary book of useful words 

Either in a notebook or on your computer, start making a list of useful words and phrases. Every time you hear or see a word you’re not familiar with, note it down. 

29. Push your comfort zone! 

Confidence is needed to improve your English skills. Do not be afraid of going out of your comfort zone.

30. Immerse yourself in natural English 

Immersing yourself in natural spoken English in communication is very important. 

Improve and be Confident in English

There are many ways and tips that can help you to improve your English skills, including finding a tutor. Not only English tutors, with AmazingTalker, you can virtually study any language you can think of, with native and certified online Japanese tutors, online Korean tutors, online French tutors, and online Spanish tutors. Book a trial class today for as little as 1 USD! 


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