3 Tips For Achieving Self-Love

It’s easy to hate – or at the very least resent – yourself over mistakes or not living up to the ideal you had in mind. Sadly, this will get you nowhere good in life. Instead, it can lead to emotional issues, such as depression.

Learning to love yourself is key to living a healthy, fulfilling life, but it’s not always easy to accomplish. While self-love is a journey, the following tips can help you get started.

Let It Go

You’ve probably made a mistake or two – or maybe a thousand – in your life. Who hasn’t? Mistakes happen, especially when you don’t yet have the tools to prevent them.

Think about this: kids make mistakes all of the time. And though they face consequences for these mistakes, they’re not held by them for the rest of their lives. Why is that? Because grownups know that the child has not yet been taught not to make that mistake. Instead, they take the opportunity to teach them so that the child can make a better decision the next time.

For example, most parents don’t think that they need to tell their young children that they can’t just put candy at the store into their pocket. When the child does do this, the parent then stops to explain that this is stealing and that everything at the store has to be paid for. Unless the mistake continues to happen, the parent won’t keep bringing it back up.

Why aren’t grownups as merciful to themselves? It’s easy to assume that you should have known better after a mistake occurs. Often, though, a mistake is just that – a mistake. It happens if you don’t yet have the knowledge, foresight, or tools to make a better decision.

It’s time to let yourself off the hook. What happened, happened. You can’t change it, but you can stop beating yourself up over it and make better decisions in the future.

Stop the Comparison Game

Many people that have no or little love for themselves have something in common: they compare themselves to others. They look at how other people live and love and feel like they should be living up to the same exact thing.

The problem with that is that no two people are alike. People come from different backgrounds and have different experiences and different people in their lives. Comparing yourself to someone else is not only unfair – it’s also a dangerous place to be as it sets you up for depression, anxiety, and self-loathing.

You are you – no one else is exactly like you and you are unlike anyone else. It’s time to be happy with you and stop comparing yourself to others. It’s fine to look at those you admire and let them inspire you, but you’ll never be just like them because everyone is different.

Hang Reminders

Remembering to love yourself can be difficult, especially on bad days. That’s why it’s important to hang reminders to stay on track. This can include everything from self love quotes to a photograph that reminds you of just how awesome you are.
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