3 Tips and Tricks To Use Memes for Gaining Maximum Marketing Traction in 2021

3 Tips and Tricks To Use Memes for Gaining Maximum Marketing Traction in 2021

Memes are meant for social media platforms, these are amusing, funny, and easy to understand. These days, a popular term is doing the rounds, called meme-jacking. When marketers take control of trending memes, it becomes meme-jacking. The trend is extremely well-liked, as it is the best way to share engaging and relaxing content that may become viral on social platforms. 

According to an article in New York Times, these days, even discontented customers use memes to reach out to businesses about damaged products, negative experiences, and poor customer service. It means you need to use meme marketing smartly for gaining traction and avoid negative feedback in 2021. Here is how: 

1. Create unique memes to make them popular 

If you are trying to make your audience laugh, then memes are your best bet. However, remember that you are marketing your business and products using memes and therefore, you need to work towards boosting your brand awareness on social media channels.

People are anyway sharing memes on social sites and for making your mark, you need to put in some effort. Rather than reposting existing memes, add a new dimension to them by using your creative thinking. Yes, you need to think out of the box to stand out in the crowd and gain an edge over your competitors. 

Understand the meme and then align the image and text with your brand. You may integrate your company logo, name, tagline, mission, or for that matter, an image that fits your brand idea or concept. Add some uniqueness to your brand memes to make them memorable. 

3 Tips and Tricks To Use Memes for Gaining Maximum Marketing Traction in 2021

2. Understand your customers 

Just as with any other marketing strategy, you need to understand your customers before creating memes. You can do a reality check of some good meme examples on platforms like Meme Scout.  

For instance, if your target audience is the millennial generation, create memes that pique their interest. Create memes that look funny, create amusement, and engaging. When you market with memes, strike the right balance when it comes to engagement and promotion. For example, if you want to promote your TV shows or movies, use memes that have a reference to the content of the show or the stars in the movie. Such memes are sure to resonate with your targeted audience. Try this strategy and you will succeed in your efforts. 

3. Use memes that are trending 

Trend and time play a significant role when you are meme marketing. Keep watch on social sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to figure out what users are discussing about, of late. Try to create a meme related to the latest trends and on time to make your meme content viral on social media channels. 

For instance, if you have a restaurant, you can use funny memes that have an idiosyncratic sense of humor. You need to take some time out of your busy schedule to stay updated with the memes that are trending on social media. 


Keep these tips and tricks in mind when marketing with memes. Use the right image and text to make your memes viral without overdoing it. 

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