3 Simple Tips for Green Disposal of Waste

For many people, when they are thinking of disposing their waste, they think about putting it in the bin. However, disposing of your waste simply means putting it towards a different use. This could be selling it, reusing it, recycling it, or if nothing else works, responsibly disposing of it.

For example, if you buy Office Furniture In Perth and then decide you wish to get rid of the furniture, you don’t have to throw it out. You could sell it in an online Marketplace or donate it to someone who needs it more.

Here are 3 simple tips for green disposal of waste.

  • Re-use

Many of us view our goods with single use perspectives. More often than not we buy them for a short specific purpose and when they don’t fit that purpose anymore, we throw them out. Sometimes a little creativity can go a long way. When you have items you wish to get rid of you can ask yourself, How might we use this for something else?. For example, if you buy glass condiment jars (think jam, vegemite, marmalade) you can re-use them after they are empty to store dry goods such as oats, muesli and nuts.

  • Donate

Chances are if you are lucky enough to have an excess number of items, there are people less fortunate than you who would appreciate the second-hand items you wish to get rid of. If you have clothes, furniture or other household items which you wish to get rid of but are still usable, consider donating them to a charitable organisation such as St Vincent De Paul or Red Cross.

  • Recycle

If your items need to be disposed of you can ensure they are responsibly disposed of or recycled by correctly placing them in your household bins. Paper, plastic, metal and other materials can be recycled into new items, but only if you put them in the appropriate household bins. Check with your local council guidelines to check what bins take which items.

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