3 Reasons Why Mattress Removal Costs So Much

Big and bulky, getting rid of your mattress is often an expensive process. But what makes mattress removal so expensive? Today we will cover 3 reasons why mattress removal costs so much

Mattresses are big and bulky

Professional Mattress Removal services can be expensive because you can’t put mattresses in your general household bins. They are simply too large and won’t fit. To dispose of your mattress, you generally need to hire a professional rubbish removal company or transport it yourself to a council depot or landfill.

Council Waste Transfer Stations charge money

When wanting to get rid of your mattress, one option is to take it to a council waste transfer station. If you have the ability to get it there yourself this is a great option. Most local government areas have waste transfer stations which can receive, recycle and dispose of a large number of items. However, when it comes to mattresses most of these waste stations will charge a fee when you take a mattress to them. This fee can be anywhere from between $30-$70.

Some people can’t dispose of them

A lot of people find it too hard to dispose of their own mattress, especially bigger size mattresses such as doubles or queen sizes. As a result, many people simply dump them on the street or in low traffic areas. If you are found to be illegally dumping a mattress you will get fined. To avoid this there are professional mattress removal companies who can safely and efficiently pickup and dispose of your mattress for you. This can be a costly process as you have to pay for the labour of professionals coming to your house and moving your mattress as well as the fees that the waste station will charge them for taking your mattress.

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