3 Methods to successfully promote your music on TikTok

You know already that it’s a long way to become popular in TikTok, but you can make it also fun and efficient, and here are crucial steps.

Promote yourself and not your music

People are on the platform for entertainment. Show your talent to your audience. Videos promoting your abilities will do better than telling your followers about your songs. Also, leave the purchase information and links to your music in a pinned comment or your bio. Interested viewers can easily see it.

Jordy (@iamjordy) didn’t achieve results when he used clips of his songs for content. He even added purchase information as text on the screen. However, a video of him practicing a yet to be released song went viral. The audience found it fascinating. Consequently, he gained new fans within days as the audience couldn’t wait for the release of the new track.

Promote engagement

Fan requests, fun challenges, and other activities on TikTok encourage engagement and help musicians grow their audience. Dueting with another artist or asking viewers questions can increase engagement. Besides, you can take advantage of trending hashtag challenges as they have active audiences.

Use niche audiences for music promotion

Create content that will interest niche audiences. Participating in contests with a significant following can help you improve your audience reach.

Before you invest money in your music, it is necessary to consider the available options. You can completely outsource your marketing to a trusted firm of your choice. Contrarily, you can develop a DIY plan to promote your songs on TikTok. A strong relationship with the music industry’s movers and shakers will be vital at this stage of the release process. Commit some time to build such a relationship.

The duration of a typical marketing campaign is between 30 days to 180 days. The critical components of the promotion are playlisting/streaming promotion, digital ads, social media marketing, and press releases. These strategies are executed within the overall budget and marketing plan.

Your popularity as a musician starts with your audience. Foolproof music promotion strategy on TikTok can help you gain millions of fans.

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