3 Instagram Photo Trends For 2022

3 Instagram Photo Trends For 2022

Trends come and go all the time, and Instagram is certainly no stranger to new developments that fade into obscurity almost as quickly as they arose. This makes it all the more impressive when certain trends actually manage to stick around for a respectable period of time, and there are more than just a few photo trends that fit into this category perfectly.

In this article, we will be taking a look at three of the most prominent photo trends that have been taking over Instagram in 2022, as well as discussing why each of the aforementioned trends are so unique. Let’s get right into it.

Unedited Photos Are Becoming More & More Common

Something that would have seemed commonplace just a few years ago (but is an absolutely rarity now) is that of seeing unedited photos on Instagram. At least, this was the case for the past few months.

A new, positive phenomenon is taking place in 2022 whereby unedited photos are now becoming increasingly encouraged, and this has led to millions of people taking to their feed to support this movement by uploading unedited photos of themselves.

The main cause of this development is because of the warped perceptions that most people hold about beauty and how one should look – something which has been shown to become debilitating at the extreme end of things. This trend is a net positive for the world, and with any luck, this trend may just stick with us for years to come.

Blurry Photos Are No Longer Shunned

Blurry Photos Are No Longer Shunned

A surprising trend taking over Instagram is that of blurry photos being ‘in’. Thanks to the help of Kim Kardashian (who posted a blurry, somewhat nostalgic picture of her and her previous boyfriend Pete Davidson), blurry photos rule Instagram right now, and people everywhere are beginning to get in on this trend.

Of course, this only takes effect when done tastefully. You can’t just snap a quick picture of your wall whilst moving your phone and call it a day. Blurry photos are primarily used to give off a nostalgic vibe, and when done right, it makes for an incredible photo.

Pink Is In

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For one reason or another, it looks as if pink is the colour of 2022. Everyone is going crazy for pink right now, and this is undoubtedly one of the biggest trends this year, with a number of Instagram users utilising the colour as a filter to provide a more positive and playful edge to their photographs.

Whether it be to make an organised Insta feed or a stylish Instagram photo book, pink can make anything look a little more exciting, and this is one of the main reasons why it has become so widely used.

We hope we have been able to give you a better idea as to what photo trends are popular in 2022. We certainly have some unusual ones this year – who would have thought that blurry photos would eventually become accepted? Certainly not us. Catch you in the next one.

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