3 Easy Ways to Pull Off a Japanese Sukajan Jacket

The Japanese sukajan jackets are quickly becoming a staple in every fashion enthusiast’s closet. These gorgeous jackets featuring a range of quirky embroidered designs look absolutely chic and trendy. Also known as Japanese souvenir jackets, they comprise intricate patterns ranging from dragons, geishas, sakura blossoms, tigers, and koi.

The history of these stunning jackets traces back to the end of World War II when several American soldiers were stationed in Japan. When coming back, they wanted souvenirs and asked the local embroiderers to sew convoluted designs into their jackets.

Today, these jackets have become a huge trend. You can easily shop the curated selected of Japanese sukajan jackets at several renowned brand stores. Here, we will look at some easy yet effective ways to style these spectacular jackets to make sure to create a fashion statement.

3 Ways to Style a Japanese Sukajan Jacket

1. Wear a Sukajan Jacket with Chino Pants

Sukajan jackets look very elegant and stylish when paired with chino pants or any brown-colored pants. It is a good idea to match your inner t-shirt or sweater with the color of the pants to create a clean and crisp statement. This will make the jacket stand out.

For this look, you can carry any color of the sukajan jacket, such as pastel pink or blue. You can even accessorize the entire look with black accessories like sunglasses and shoes to make the whole look put together.

2.Wear an Oversized Sukajan Jacket with Turtleneck Top

This is another way to style your sukajan jacket that looks really stylish. Wearing an oversized jacket with a turtleneck top and straight or fitted pants creates an excellent look. It is ideal for people with a lean body type.

To accessorize the look, you can add a smart cross-body bag and a comfortable pair of sneakers.

3. Solid Sukajan Jacket with Printed T-shirt

A lot of people nowadays are wearing a solid navy or black sukajan jacket with cool printed t-shirts underneath. This is also a fashionable way to pull off these gorgeous jackets and create a streetwear fashion statement.

This style is appropriate for a casual and effortless look. You can further accessorize it with a cross-body bag, sneakers, and sunglasses to complete the look.

Sukajan jackets are highly versatile pieces of clothing. They not only look good as a clean and casual outfit but also when you want to pull off a mature and classy look. Thankfully, it is easy to find your favorite design and pattern of these jackets as they are being manufactured by several brands today.

You can purchase your favorite design and style it in your own unique way to make a bold fashion statement. But while purchasing, decide on the amount of embroidery you want. If you are looking for a very heavy piece, you can choose a jacket that features intricate patterns on both sides. Alternatively, you can go for a cleaner look and pair it with lots of different clothing items.

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