20 Best Pokemon Fan Games – Updated List of Free Games for 2020

Introduction to Pokemon Games

Pokemon Games is a very old concept famous known as Pocket Monsters. The concept of this game is to fight, collect, and do different activities in the fictional world of Pokemon. There are 3 main goals that players must complete in this game. All players are known as Pokemon Trainers who control each Pokemon. Players must collect all Pokemon Species found in one specific region where the game actually takes place. The second goal is different because you need to compete with other trainers in different regions to become Regional Champion. It’s part of almost every Pokemon Game series which was created in the last many years.

There are too many Pokemon games are created by fans but below is an important list of the best fan-made pokemon games for you. Some of these Pokemon games are created for other platforms too. In a fictional universe, trainers can catch any wild Pokemon by using a weapon specially created for the game. After a Pokemon is failed to escape from Trainer, they must follow every command given to them by the owner. But if the trainer is not professional and lack of experience, Pokemon can act on their own.

Pokemon are not just limited to a level which they get at the start of the game. Every time they fight with each, they receive points & also get experience level increase. It’s not possible to capture a Pokemon if its control of other Trainers. There are different species of Pokemon which you can find in different games. In the main series of games, the player must create a team of Pokemon to fight against NPC trainers and their Pokemon teams. In every game, Pokemon travel through a region, fighting & defeating other Pokemon, completely some missions to reach to end.

Uranium is a very popular fan-made game and you may never see any other perfect game created by fans similar to official series. They made this game in 9 years, added over 150 new species of Pokeman, all fans created only, one full new region like original games. This game become more popular compare to official games and Nintendo Switch may consider it a threat to its series and popularity.

After facing a lot of legal issues, developers were forced to remove this game from the official site & stop updating it. You can still download it from the link below for free. The concept of this game is similar to other games, players travel through the region & interact with over 200 different species, collect team for different Pokemons to fight, and become champion. Some dangerous Pokemons are created in this game which is everywhere in the region and trying to destroy whatever comes on their way.

Pokémon Insurgence is a game that also becomes popular but you can download it from their official site because there is no hunting down operation for this game. It looks like no original series creators think it as a threat to their popularity. Click on the link below and you will reach to their site where all download & installation instructions are given for you. But you can see we added this game 2nd in our list which means we consider it better than many games below.

The main purpose of this game is to make the original game better as per fans’ desires & also include lot of new features. A new region with a completely unique story is created for Pokémon Insurgence. Completely different types of Pokemons are discovered which you can use for different purposes in the game-like fight against other trainers. The trading system is very important which helps you create the best team for yourself.

Another cool which is created by fans and consider it a full game for Pokemon. You must know when people can purchase a new Pokemon game millions of times, how much they may love to play a game that is free for them & provide a full gaming experience like the original game. There are 2 links below which you can use to get this game. There is no official website there which provides the latest update but both links on Reddit & Discord can help you download updated versions for this game.

Phoenix Rising includes more story then adventure in-game. At the start of the game, Player Pokemon met with another Pokemon who live in the forest and explain everything why he chooses to live with nature. There are thousands of players who join it on Discord which means they really love this fan-made Pokemon game. But they keep updating the game to fix errors which different players are facing.

Pokémon Fire Ash is another cool game and we are happy to provide you below with the link of the site to download this game with the latest update. Unlike some games where developers are hiding their games somewhere, there is if the official site for this game which is important to receive the latest updates. A lot of animation is added for this game, you must know when anime game was released for the original Pokemon series, it becomes record selling game, here is a free game for you to enjoy similar features.

They added too many different locations in this game which Pokemon must travel through the journey. A lot of different species of pokemon are there to face on their way to the destination, some are wild, others are different from their species. The perfect story makes this game more like original game series than a fan-made type. Creating new teams, fighting, or making friends, interacting with over 800 different Pokemons is part of this game which is really amazing and too good for a Fan-created game for this series.

We are lucky to find all information including download links on one single page for this game. Complete information like system requirements, what is in-game, and lot screenshots are there to be found when you use the below link. There are 800+ Pokemons from different species available which are mostly fan-created and you can say no original game may have this much of Pokemons for their single-game added.

Players can enjoy it more than 50 hours and the fun never ends. The effects system is newly created which you can never see before. Perfectly made for this fan-made game only. We added it on number 5 because we believe its best out of too many other games created by fans. Online battling and trading system is another feature which is really awesome for players who want to enjoy this game more like the Original game series.

The fan-made game is not big compare to most other games or original series. But you will find everything which is possible to add in the newly created game for Pokemon like a new region which is unknown to players because of completely unique locations which you never see before, a lot of new Pokemon species which are mostly created by fans, new trainers, a lot of gym leader to fight & unique storyline for a game.

Unfortunately, there is no official site for this best fan-made Pokemon game. You can use the below link to download different versions of this game. They added 3 other regions too which you can access after completing the adventure in the 1st region. there are 250+ Pokemons and you cant see a huge collection compare to other games by fans where they added over 800 different Pokemons. With the below link, you can access a huge collection of Pokemon ROMs which are available on that site.

Fortunately, there is an official site available for this game which is important to know about the game and its updates. You can also find the latest version too which is better compare to sites who may not upload updated version. The concept is the same, you need to explore large newly created regions, with great story waiting for you. But they added a new system which is the completion of the game on time to save the region.

A new quest system is also added which is very important because players may find a lot of different tasks to complete. Traveling between past and present is also possible in-game which is a new feature of the game. A lot of new movies are added with unique modifications. The Battle system is improved and you may enjoy more when fighting with other Pokemons because of the new style created especially for this game.

Light Platinum is 1st game which you can see connected with the complete official site. Everything is built on their site from start to end. How to play, walkthrough, answer to important questions and everything is added for you to explore which is never available on any other game created by fans. A huge collection of screenshots can help everyone understand better about this game.

New rivals and regions are added in this game with a lot of improvements which can give players a tough time. Trips to other regions are also possible in this fan-made perfect Pokemon game. There are already thousands of fans for this game, but I guess it’s no big threat to Pokemon original Franchise and there is no action taken against them specially compare to above game which you already read in our article.

Very long process to create a game like Sage because they spend over 8 years to build it. Its created by some members of the 4chan forum whos started a discussion about it and later decided to make a fan game for Pokemon. You can see there are a lot of people involved in this game who love Pokemon & just want to create something new which everyone loves.

A new region is added with too many different mysteries that are added to solve throughout the game. More than 200 new Pokemons are there to connect within this game. You will love to play this game, its created for Windows only but you can try it on other operating systems like Mac too. All other features are similar where you need to make friends, fight in-game against wild Pokemon & some other trainers.

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