Finding the perfect gift for your man can be an incredibly difficult feat on his birthday. You want to find something that he will actually use, and not put on the shelf. Whether you’re looking for something that will help you two create memories or simply something he just thinks is really cool, we’ve compiled a list of ideas for gifts that are sure to have the wow factor.

  1. Smokeless fire pit. Perfect for the entertainer, a small backyard smokeless fire pit is sure to get your man excited. This item can be placed on a back deck and is great for sharing a beer around and setting the vibe at any party without walking away wreaking of smoke. Not to mention if he’s a kid at heart, he might just get excited about making smores in the backyard. 
  1. Cocktail maker set. A cocktail shaker set is perfect for the at-home bartender and mixologist. The perfect bar cart accessory, a cocktail creation set should include a shaker and strainer, a jigger, a muddler, a mixing spoon, etc. Find a cocktail recipe book to go with it, and you’ve compiled the makings of a fun evening. 
  1. Chain necklace. Not all men wear jewelry, but they should. Finding him a simple Cuban link chain necklace or bracelet can be the perfect staple piece that can elevate any look. Masculine and attractive, this subtle stylish look is great for the fashion-forward and the fashion-oblivious. 
  1. Espresso machine. Is your man a coffee lover? Getting him an at-home barista set up could be the perfect way to wake up for all mornings hereafter. Espresso machines can be a fun way to experiment in the coffee world, and depending on how much of a coffee snob he is, come in a wide price range.
  1. Film posters. Is your guy’s space looking a little drab? Many apartments and mancaves seem to take on a forever young college feel to them if left unchecked. Film posters are a great way to add some personality and decoration to his space, all while remaining masculine and unique to him. Finding vintage posters or posters about his favorite movie can be a special gift. 
  1. Leather overnight bag. A nice bag can make all the difference in a travel experience. Perfect for the avid traveler, the wanderlust wanderer, or the work travel tycoon, a nice leather overnight bag can enhance his experience wherever he’s headed. 
  1. Cigar subscription package. A great way to try new things, a cigar subscription package sends you several cigar options every few months. Perfect for the cigar lover, this package adds an exciting element to the mix and allows him to try new things and share them with a friend. 
  1. Yeti cooler. Does your man love water sports and going out on the boat? A nice cooler to pack a few beers in can make all the difference when spending the day in the sun. You would be surprised how many men bond over their infinity for a quality drink container as it’s the key to any field day or day on the water. 
  1. Concert tickets. Sometimes gifting a memory is better than any material thing you could ever gift him. Figure out his favorite band, and surprise him with a night to remember with concert tickets. Bonding over good music and good food are sure to make the most memorable gift. 
  1. Board games. Does your guy love a good game night? Compile several board games that you can gift to him, and get a group of his friends together to play them. This will help ensure that the board games don’t get left on the shelf with the excuse of no one to play with. Seeing the joy on your game lover’s face when he gets a game night with friends will be priceless. 
  1. Statement sneakers. Whether he’s a sneakerhead or simply loves a good fashion statement, finding a set of tennis shoes with an awesome design is sure to make him happy. If he’s more on the simple side, find a pair of staple white tennis shoes he can wear with any outfit. 
  1. Vintage jersey. Chances are your guy has a favorite sports team. Get him some sports paraphernalia that is sure to stand out from the crowd by finding a vintage jersey or hat online. This special piece will mean the world to him as he reps his favorite team in a unique way. 
  1. Record player. Perfect for any music lover, a record player is an exciting way to play and display his favorite bands. Not only does it give him a new hobby to look for records at your favorite vintage store, but it also becomes a timeless way to decorate his space and speak to his interests. 


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