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100 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Healthcare IT Support Company


Are you ready to further your education and get an online MHA? If so, you definitely need to know about healthcare IT support and how it can be of benefit to you. If you are wondering which healthcare IT support company to partner with, here are few questions you should ask. 

1.  Are you able to provide references

While you may not reach out to all the references provided, healthcare IT support company worth partnering with will demonstrate an eagerness for you to reach out to other clients the company has worked with. 

2. What is the size of your company?

A company‚Äôs knowledge base can often be determined by the size of their company and the products and solutions they offer. An exceptionally small healthcare IT support teams may struggle to be available as their manpower may be overextended.  

3. How much is your business insured for?

With a broad range of potential risks, a dependable healthcare IT services provider should have a professional indemnity policy to cover the cost of any claims or losses you may suffer.

4. What levels of support do you offer?

There are numerous healthcare IT support companies designed to fit a variety of budgets and requirements. Many will offer pay-as-you-go or break-fix support. Managed service support usually entails the client signing an annual contract, but the support is ongoing and reduces the likelihood of system interruptions.

5. How long are your contract periods?

A dependable company that is confident in its services will most likely offer easy cancellation and a short minimum term contract. Having the option of cancellation and the ability to seek other healthcare IT services is important in the event you are not satisfied.   


6. How quickly do you respond to issues?

The level of support you choose to pay for will most likely determine the response time obligatory. Regardless, the support team should always provide you with a reasonable response time. 

7. Do you have dedicated account managers?

Successful healthcare IT support includes effective communication, and this is often accomplished through building a relationship with a point of contact who knows your business and understands your needs. Having a dedicated account manager can ensure you have a regular and consistent contact person. 

8. Is a dedicated engineer available?

Since each job will vary in the amount and type of support required, you will likely not always deal with the same engineer, nor should you expect to. If you are promised a dedicated engineer, this could mean the company has limited, qualified staff.

9. Who should I expect to help me when I call in?

When you are experiencing IT issues, the last thing you want to do is go through a tier of support representatives. Dependable healthcare IT services provider will provide you with a knowledgeable technician at the first point of contact. 

10. What is the procedure for logging a support call?

To ensure you can make contact with your healthcare IT services provider when you need them, the company should provide you with multiple options for making contact. 

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