10 Survival Movies on Netflix You Should Watch

We completely love the stories which are about “Grit, Spirit, and Human Courage” it can be a story of a stranded castaway stuck on an island which is far away from the populated lands or the story of a plane crash survivor struggling to survive in extreme temperature, we loved them all, and a lot of these movies are based on real-life stories that made the death-defying acts of the protagonists even more fascinating. It is inspiring to cheer for the people who are stuck in brutal conditions, and it is even better to watch them survive it with the battle scars that they’ll wear for the rest of their lives. If you are unable to find any movie on your Netflix library then you should switch to the US Netflix Library from wherever you are including Australia, UK, Canada, or anywhere else. But for doing this you might need a premium VPN that unblocks Netflix just like ExpressVPN.

Movies That You Need To Watch

Here we have noted down the top ten survival movies that you need to watch on Netflix

  1. Swiss Army Man

This is an American surreal comedy-drama film directed and written by “Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert.” The stars of the film were “Paul Dano, Daniel Radcliffe, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead” The film made its worldwide premiere at the 2016 Sundance film festival on January 22 and then began a limited theatrical release on June 24, 2016, and the film received many positive reviews from the Viewers and is ranked as the number one movie to watch on Netflix.  

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  1. Bird Box

This is an American Post-apocalyptic horror-thriller film which was directed by “Susanne Bier,” and the film was written by “Eric Heisserer” and it was based on the same novel which had the same name as the film which was written by “Josh Malerman” the film follows the character Malorie Hayes as she is trying to protect herself and her two children from the entities who push people to look at them to suicide. The film made its premiere at the AFI Fest on November 12, 2018, and began a limited release on December 14 before going world wide on Netflix on December 21, 2018, the film received mixed reviews from the viewers, but it had the thrill to be put on the second position of the list.

  1. The Red Sea Diving Resort

This is an American Spy thriller film written and directed by “Gideon Raff.” The film stars were “Chris Evans,” who plays the role of an Israeli agent who runs a covert operation that helps Ethiopian Jewish refugees escape to a safe haven in Israel. The supporting stars are “Michael Kenneth Williams, Haley Bennett, Alessandro Nivola, Michiel Huisman, Chris Chalk, Greg Kinnear, and Ben Kingsley”  The film was released at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival on July 28, 2019, and it was also released worldwide on July 31, 2019, by Netflix reaction to the film was predominantly negative while the audience was far more positive.  

  1. How It Ends

This is an American action thriller film which was directed by “David M.Rosenthal,” and the film was written by “Brooks McLaren” the stars of the film were “Theo James, Forest Whitaker, Grace Dove, Nicole Air Parker, Kat Graham and Mark O’Brien” the film cannot be really ranked as one of the best, but it is still there on Netflix if you are in the mood for some survival action movie and have watched almost all the other one’s.

  1. Solo

The plot of this film is very similar to that of the other one. This film was based on a true story of the survival and near to death experience of a surfer who accidentally slides down a dune and crashes into the ocean and breaks his hips and injuring his head. The people who are about to die soon and start looking back and contemplating life to reflect upon all the things and all the people they took for granted. This is also a typical structure for most do-or-die situation kinds of films, and that’s why it feels so similar.  

  1. The Decline 

This is a Canadian action thriller film, and it was directed by “Patrice Laliberte.” the First Quebec film to be produced as Netflix original film. The film follows a man from Montreal who joins a survivalist training program in rural Nord-du-Quebec led by an experienced middle-aged man survivalist after becoming convinced that a natural disaster is imminent. While the participants bond with the seemingly charismatic and paternal Alain after an accidental training death, the attendees are bitterly divided, triggering a tense showdown.

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  1. Sand Castle

This is an American war drama film directed by “Fernando Coimbra,” and the movie was written by Chris Roessner. The stars in the movie are “Nicholas Hoult, Henry Cavill, Logan Marshall-Green, Tommy Flanagan, Glen Powell, Beau Knapp, and Neil Brown Jr”  this film tells us a story about Matt Ocre, a young soldier of the United States Army who is tasked with restoring water to a village in Iraq this film was based on a true story and the events and the experience of the films writer Roessner during the Iraq war the film was released on April 21, 2017, on Netflix.

  1. Kon tiki

This is a historical drama movie which was directed by “Joachim Ronning and Espen Sandberg” this film was about the 1947 kon-tiki expedition the film was shot on the island of Malta. The film was an international co-production between Norway, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, and the United Kingdom the film was the highest-grossing film of 2012 in Norway and the country’s most expensive production to date. 

  1. Defiance

This is an American war film directed by “Edward Zwick”; the film was set during the occupation of Belarus by Nazi Germany. The screenplay was based on Nechama Tec’s 1993 book Defiance: The Bielski Partisans, an account of the Bielski Partisans, a group which was led by polish Jewish brothers who had saved and recruited the Jews in Belarus during the Second World War. After a limited release in early September 2007, Los Angeles, New York in the US on December 31, 2008. It went into a worldwide release in January and February 2009.

  1. Mine 9

Following a methane explosion that was two miles deep into the earth, Nine miners had Struggled to survive as they only had enough oxygen for about an hour. Eddie Mensore made this film humble and relatable with no over the top theatrics and writing the characters in a manner that viewers do not favor one or few over the others; this film brings light to the struggle of every man and how we measure the value of a single person by their economic productivity. Although the film is not based on any real-life story, it invokes a viewer’s connection. Nevertheless, the film has been widely appreciated as it effectively captures the claustrophobic tone of the story.


And that’s all today; I hope you guys enjoyed the article and got some insight on the top ten survival movies to watch on Netflix in 2021, and we are sure that you guys will love the serial and rewatch it, again and again, we will come back with an exciting article next time till then goodbye.

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