10 Qualities of Digital Business Cards

A few years ago, people used to keep a folder for storing all the business cards that they received from others. Times have changed, with the emergence of new technologies.

People now don’t need either a folder to store or use printed business cards to share information. The benefits of using digital business cards bring a lot of opportunities for maximum impact with potential new clients.

The features and possibilities offered by digital business cards expose the weakness of printed business cards. Let us dig into more detail and find out what the top 10 qualities of Digital Business Card printing online are. And why you should switch to digital business cards.

10 Qualities of Digital Business Cards

Cost-effective, Save you money

When you have a digital business card, you don’t need to waste time hiring a graphic designer to design your cards professionally and then have them printed by a printing company. 

A digital business card from ShareEcard provides ready-to-use templates for your company that are already designed by an expert design team.

It is cost-effective and so no need to spend extra money on printing and shipping. ShareEcard provides a 7-day free trial for you.

Go check it out. In short, if you use a digital business card, then it automatically saves you money.

Unlimited Shares and Scans

The biggest flaws with paper business cards are the limitations of physical numbers. Let’s say you bought a couple of hundred cards, and you want to share them with more than 200 customers.

So, what happens then?  Either you need to have more business cards printed or leave it. You will not have enough left to hand out after you have used your printed allotment.

But this is not an issue with digital business cards, you can connect with an unlimited number of connections anytime anywhere as well as Scan all the paper business cards that you receive.

Updating information is easy

If you have written a single wrong word or number or anything like that in any of the card information and then printed it. This is a big nightmare scenario.

You are left with no options but to throw them away and get new ones printed. With Digital Business Cards, it is much easier to correct any mistakes.

Even if you have already connected with the customer and you realize that you have made a mistake, you can simply update it, and your network will get a notification about your updated information.

This results in a very efficient setup to correct phone numbers, emails, and all data without much hassle.  These are some great features of our ShareEcard app, which you can download and give a try.

The first Impression is the last impression

A popular quote – your first impression is your last impression. I know many of you agree with the quote, your company impressions are the reflection of your digital business cards.

Some digital business card apps permit you to add videos, images, and links related to your work. This helps in showcasing your brand’s story.

It makes a very good first impression on your customers.  If you haven’t tried it? Do it now.

Use the functionality of Digital Business cards

The process of using digital business cards is easy. You don’t have to think about taking them with you on a business trip or to attend an event, as it is already installed on your Smartphone.

Also, you don’t need to think about the management of received paper business cards. With the ShareEcard app, you can scan and save all the paper cards and access them whenever you want by searching.  Which makes the entire process paper free and interactive.

Eco-Friendly cards

Nowadays, the trend is for more eco-friendly cards, especially in North America. The demand for paper printing cards is decreasing rapidly. 

Some research reveals that more than 88% of printed cards are thrown away within a week, which means all the data on the cards is lost forever.

However, if they are scanned and saved as part of the digitization process then they become a useful asset for your business.

More than just one digital business card

In some job scenarios, you might have more than one job or business, and in that case, you will need more than one business card.

So, you have the possibility to create an unlimited number of digital business cards which all reside on your Smartphone. Which allows you to use the appropriate card for each different occasion.

Synchronization with other apps

In case you are looking for email marketing, then it is required to connect with your company’s CRM software.

Some reputed digital business card companies such as ShareEcard, give you the feature to synchronize the apps so when you add the connection then it will be added automatically to your CRM system or your email marketing tool.

The app will also revamp data automatically when required.

Are you willing to digitize your contact sharing by using a digital business card? Create your unique digital business card right now, using ShareCard. 

We recommend you try our well-designed templates and enjoy all the benefits. We are always enhancing our app with modern features and improving user experience.

Business Cards for Nomads and Travellers

If you are on a sabbatical or living as a Nomad, you have faced the issue with traditional cards as you don’t have a fixed physical address.

You are living a virtual existence and you have something simple and portable that does not take extra space in your luggage as you want to travel as lightly as possible.

Having a Digital Business Card can open Endless Possibilities. A digital business card is beneficial for all such segments, and you can easily exchange it with anyone to inform them about your business activities.

A digital business card is super easy to use especially if you are a Nomad living the travel life.

Advertising of the company

When you look at your company business cards, what do you see? Information, right? And did you find this data clearly organized around the card in such a way that it offers both appreciation and professionalism?

If it is Yes, then you can appreciate why most successful companies invest in premium design and nice-looking cards. Smaller businesses are also aware of this fact as well because they all know the impact that you can make on your marketing and sales initiatives.

This is called easy and cost-effective advertising. When your attention has been grabbed, the audience starts looking for your products and services. We understand nothing beats face-to-face advertising.


Digital business cards are very useful in any online marketing campaign for your company. It can provide very eye-catching designs and explains the most important information about your business.

No other marketing scheme can compete with this.  Don’t forget it is cost-effective to run, the cheapest after word-of-mouth advertising.

ShareEcard provides a huge collection of digital business cards. All the features are included for a nominal subscription of 10$ for a year. What are you waiting for? Book now!


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