10 Fun Craft Ideas to Try this Year

Everyone needs to express their creative side. You do not have to be a professional to enjoy doing crafts. Creating anything with your own hands can be very rewarding. When you get the itch to do something crafty alone or with your loved ones it can be hard to narrow down your selection to what you would like to do. There are so many fun crafts to do but here are a few that are a little more outside of the box.

1. Water Gun Painting

This is a great craft for a sunny day activity with the kids. You will want to be outside for this one.

To prepare for this craft put a different liquid watercolor into each of the water guns or spray bottles. You will need one for each color you want to use. Place your canvas on the easel or on a surface that you don’t mind getting watercolors on. Now that you are ready grab a gun and spray away. Use the different colors watch them blend on the canvas. This is a great craft for the smaller children they will enjoy the freedom.

2. Tie-Dye T-shirts

This is another great outdoor craft for the kids. A quick trip to the craft store and you can buy a kit to enjoy this craft. Search for tutorials online for examples on how to bunch and bind the t-shirts. These will also show you how to apply the dye.

3. Custom Paint by Numbers

This is a great craft for you to do on a nice afternoon or evening to unwind. There are companies online that offer custom paint-by-number kits. You go to their website and upload your favorite picture and they will send you a canvas and all the paints you need to complete your paint by numbers. The results are amazing and any artist will get great results.

4. Paint Rocks

This will be another great craft to do with children. You will want to grab acrylic paint and brushes. To up the fun let the children hide the rocks around town for others to find.

5. Sharpie Mugs

Have you ever wanted to make custom coffee mugs? All you need to do is purchase some mugs and colored sharpies. Design the mug however you like then bake it for 2 hours at 250 degrees in the oven. Now you can enjoy your morning coffee with your creation.

6. Make Crayons

Kids always have broken crayons this is a great way to repurpose those. Get silicon molds and place the broken pieces of crayon in them and melt them down. After they cool you will have awesome custom crayons.

7. Embroidery Kits

This is another great craft for you to do as an escape. You can find several embroidery kits online that will include everything you need. You can go online and find several tutorials to learn the different stitches.

8. Pour Art

Pour art has recently grown in popularity and is enjoyed by both children and adults. You can find several starter kits online. Once you receive the kit you can find several tutorials to get you started.

9. Friendship Bracelets

Yes, the 90s are back! Your children will love making their own friendship bracelets and trading them with their friends. You can find a kit full of everything you will need at your local craft store.

10. String Art

Any age can enjoy doing this craft. Make a trip to your local craft store or look online for kits. There are also tons of tutorials to help you get started.

You are now on your way to enjoying many fun crafts. Don’t limit yourself to this list though continue to look online and explore the craft store for more ideas. When it comes to crafting your imagination is the limit.

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