10 Benefits of Urinary Incontinence Treatment You Never Knew

After giving birth or menopause, the structure of your urinary tract changes. This is also one of the reasons why women are more prone to developing urinary incontinence. A leaky bladder can be a frustrating problem to have. And control over your bladder is also quite embarrassing. That’s also why a lot of folks are already considering a urinary incontinence treatment

Losing control over your bladder can negatively affect your life. So if you are affected by this condition, it is high time you consider a urinary incontinence treatment Melbourne.

Pros of urinary incontinence treatment

There are several types of incontinence. If it can range from urine leaking to frequent urge to urinate. And there are also several causes. But whichever it is, it simply means that you are not in total control of your bladder. 

And here are the amazing benefits that you can, once again, enjoy with this type of treatment. 

1. You’ll have better sleep

Incontinence-related sleep loss can take a toll on our health. Having to get out of bed to urinate frequently in the middle of the night can lead to a broken sleep. Your body will not be able to complete its REM cycle. Thus, you will feel tired even if you just woke up.

Once resolved, you will be able to complete 7- 8 hours of blissful sleep, with no interruptions whatsoever.

2. You will feel more refreshed and energized

Once you can complete the REM cycle, your body will be able to heal and repair your worn-out muscles. 

You will also notice that you still have energy by the end of the day. So you will not have the urge to take power naps in the middle of the day anymore.

3. Your brain functions better

Your brain cells repair when you sleep. But a broken sleep will not get your brain the rest it needs.  Having a straight 7-8 hour slumber is very crucial for a healthy brain function. It will help you think and decide clearly too.

4. You’ll be more socially comfortable

How many times did you have to control that urge to laugh because you’re afraid that your bladder might react? Sudden movements, even mere laughing may cause urine to leak. 

Once this condition has been resolved, you will feel more socially comfortable. You don’t have to feel awkward anymore even if you are in the midst of a large gathering or a large group.

5. You’ll be able to join in any activities

Urinary incontinence might have stopped you from joining in activities that you liked. And because exercise such as running can cause urine leaks in stress incontinence, you might have parked your trainers and running shoes at home.

Without the sudden urge to urinate often, you don’t have to shy away from the things that you love to do. 

6. You will have increased productivity

Incontinence can affect your productivity. Having to go to the restroom several times a day can eat up a chunk of our time. And if you’re lining up at a public restroom, you could have been spending the time doing something else. 

So gaining control of your bladder can help you maximize time. Thus, it can help you do more things. Ultimately, it can boost your productivity both at work or at home.

7. You’ll be more sexually confident

Leaking urine during intimate activities is a concern for some. And getting rid of this problem will make you feel more sexually comfortable and confident. 

8. You will able to manage anxiety and depression better

Incontinence may have a dire psychological effect on some people. And this can lead to depression, especially in those who have been suffering for years. As such, getting the right treatment can prevent you from succumbing to severe depression. 

9. You will have more employment opportunities

Not having easy access to a restroom 24/7 is a concern if you are working in the field or outside the comfort of your home. Thus, even if you are skilled and qualified,  it will stop you from taking on jobs that you want.

10. You will a better life quality

Those suffering from severe incontinence may have confined themself in their homes. Since they are afraid of incurring accidents, they rarely participate in anything. And this can be reversed once the symptoms are managed.

That’s why folks in Melbourne who sought urinary incontinence treatment have a better quality of life. 

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